eCommerce SEO Case Study
$1 Million Organic Revenue Growth In The First Year Of The SEO Campaign

Outdoor & Recreational Equipment


SEO Strategy

Technical SEO 

Magento to React PWA Migration

Digital PR & Link-building 


About the Client

This client is a well-known eCommerce giant with over 50,000 SKUs for B2B and B2C from over 350 name brands. It supplies products for camping and outdoors, fishing and hunting enthusiasts, as well as for shooting professionals. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) was crucial in driving traffic and generating conversions alongside email marketing and direct/affiliate sources.

However, despite good results, the company faced a major challenge - a drop in non-branded organic traffic by 85%, mainly caused by macroeconomic changes due to a pandemic and a technical error that turned off the main eCommerce functionality of automatically creating pages based on the popularity of queries in the internal search engine.

Key Challenges

When managing such a large eCommerce system with over 50,000 SKUs, fixing the most problematic and impactful technical errors was our top priority.

Crawl budget management 

We fixed the core problem with faceted navigation, where Google crawled more than 1,000,000 filter pages and unnecessarily spent the crawl budget, which overloaded the entire site and significantly slowed down the process of indexing new pages. 

Unoptimal website architecture

From displaying certain category pages on the separated subdomain, to not utilizing optimal website architecture followed by a clear URL structure, we invested a lot of resources to solve these complex issues. 

Broken external links

We resolved over 15,000 broken external links, getting a significant amount of link equity back.

Technical SEO

In this part, we focused on resolving canonical tag issues (where canonical tags pointed to non-existing pages site-wide), sitemap organization and internal redirects.

Product listing optimization

All links to products had inappropriate formats, where they linked to a long URL string that redirected to the proper link, causing the big problem with transferring internal link juice.

 Poor On-Page Optimization

Poor onsite setup with scripts that regulated important SEO tags caused many errors and structural inefficiency. We revised the most important categories and implemented script and manual changes.

Strategic Action Plan

After identifying the fundamental issues and conducting global market research, our next strategic step was to develop a sprint-based action plan.

Redesigned the website architecture so that it’s the most optimal for SEO growth 
Successful website migration from Magento to React PWA (implemented challenging JavaScript SEO changes)
Implemented new robots.txt and PRG rules, after which we controlled the serious indexing and crawl budget problems regarding faceted navigation
Resolved the broken links problem (as well as other technical SEO issues)
Created new SEO tags for category pages
Wrote the content for more than 100 category pages
Built 1,000+ pages to fulfill the unaddressed demand
Built 300+ relevant, high-quality links

The results

Due to the enormous size of this eCommerce website and the demand fluctuation for the branded keywords - we only analyze the results on a non-branded level - with reports for the category level, specific category page level, and product pages level.

#1 Positions For The Main Keywords In The US Market

After a detailed set of strategic actions, we managed to rank this single category page at the #1 position for all the main keywords.

317% Revenue Growth (Q2 vs. Q3) 
$200,000 In Additional Revenue (Q3) 
$1,000,000+ In Organic Revenue (2023)

78%+ Growth On Top Level Category Pages

After building 150+ new pages to fulfill untapped demand in the US market, our client achieved 78% growth in organic non-branded traffic & 378%+ growth in organic revenue (Q3 compared to Q2 and Q1).

378% Revenue Growth (Q2 vs Q1) 
78% Growth In Organic Non-Branded Traffic 
$200,000+ In Organic Revenue (2023)

140%+ Growth On Top Level Category Pages

After building 500+ new pages to fulfill untapped demand in the US market, our client achieved 140% growth in organic non-branded traffic & 350%+ growth in organic revenue.

350% Revenue Growth (Q2 vs Q1) 
140% Growth In Organic Non-Branded Traffic 
$50,000+ In Organic Revenue (2023)

45% YoY growth Overall Non-Branded Traffic

When managing such a large eCommerce project, having even 10% YoY growth translates into thousands of new customers.

After the first year of our eCommerce SEO campaign, we achieved 45% YoY growth in non-branded traffic. 

Our next step in the journey with this eCommerce enterprise is to expand other verticals and fully cover untapped demand (we’ve fully developed only two so far).All initiatives undertaken are strategically aligned with the company's main business objective: to consistently drive year-over-year revenue growth and strengthen its financial position in the market.

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