Enterprise SEO Case Study
From Early-Stage Startup To Enterprise-Level Results: How We Grew An English Teaching Business From 100 To 248,000 Monthly Users



SEO Strategy

Technical SEO 

Content Strategy 

Content Production


About the Client

The client represents a prime example of sustained organic content growth over a two-year span. However, this wasn't the initial trajectory.

Previously, the company’s primary acquisition channels included YouTube Organic, YouTube Ads, and Meta Ads. While these channels performed very well, the company observed a direct correlation between spending money on ads and revenue. This dependence created an unsustainable financial loop.

Recognizing the importance of diversifying their marketing revenue, they sought our expertise in SEO strategy, content strategy and production. The goal was to create a new customer acquisition channel that is more stable and compounds over time.

Initially, the number of organic users was just at the 100/month mark, mostly from branded keywords. 

The company's website had never been optimized for search engines, so getting started with an SEO strategy was already a significant challenge. The situation was further complicated by intense competition in the English education sector, with numerous well-established websites and organizations, including FluentU, EF (EducationFirst), and the British Council, all competing for dominance.

Our Strategy

The objective was clear: to create an acquisition channel that is stable and that compounds over time. With that being said, we knew that our primary KPI was to drive leads and sales through the content strategy. 

SEO Forecasting and Testing

We developed a forecasting model to ensure we didn't invest significant time in the campaign only to determine later that SEO might not get the desired results. This model provided a monthly breakdown of expected traffic and course registrations. Subsequently, we launched test campaigns on Google Ads to identify which topics garnered the highest conversion rates for course sign-ups.

Technical SEO 

A comprehensive technical SEO audit, including implementation, ensured that the foundational elements of the website were optimized and positioned correctly for maximum visibility and performance.

SEO Content Strategy

We formulated a detailed content strategy after analyzing the data for the highest converting topics and ensuring they aligned with our company's offerings. After detailed market research, we organized the 100 most influential topics that could bring the most results. We organized them into semantic clusters and prepared everything for the content production.

 Poor On-Page Optimization

By streamlining our content creation process, we increased our output to 8 articles monthly. Two main strategies significantly influenced this improvement. Firstly, our proficient writers actively collaborated with the company's educators and executives, ensuring they thoroughly understood the topics and the common challenges faced by students. Secondly, we introduced a content repurposing approach, utilizing pre-recorded videos and class materials, which enriched and streamlined our content production process.

The results

The organic growth from 100 to 240,000+ monthly users
Revenue and course sign-up growth from non-branded SEO 
#1 rankings for more than 2,000 keywords worldwide
#1 rankings worldwide for competitive topics such as: 
How to Speak Fluent English in 30 Days
English Sentences Used in Daily Life
Phone Conversation in English
Greetings in English
How to Start a Conversation in English
How to Learn English at Home
How to Speak English Like a Native Speaker

Our next step in the journey with this English teaching enterprise is to expand to other content verticals and keep conquering new non-branded opportunities that bring even more course signups and new business MRR.

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